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Joe Lane Meet Schedule and Participants

04/28/2013, 11:00am CDT
By Chris Cohen

See below for the boys' athletes participating in the Joe Lane Meet on Monday, April 29th

Dear Parents and Friends of Tonka Track,

After much scrambling on our part, we have come up with a few teams to join us tomorrow for our Joe Lane home invitational meet. Most of the original schools had to pull out due to meet commitments tomorrow or Tuesday. I sent an email out to all coaches throughout the state and 4 teams decided to compete with us. Based on the terrible weather we have had, the limited number of teams tomorrow and the fact that we are the hosts – I decided to provide Minnetonka with a few extra entrants! We will now have 6 entrants per event and 2 relays. As you read over the attached schedule and line-up, I have listed the varsity competitors in each event and the JV. The JV athletes will not factor into the scoring for the meet no matter how high they place. However, it is a great opportunity for them to compete on our home track, with great weather and with automated timing. Our meets later in the week on Thursday and Friday do not look good as the early forecasts say low 40’s and rain. Even more reason to get a few extra kids into the meet tomorrow.

Please share the information on this line-up with your son. Many do not know at this time what event they are in or even if they are competing at all. If your son's name does not appear on the list, they should head down at after school to watch some of the meet and help out as well. I would hope that athletes not participating tomorrow would be able to stay until 4:30 or 5pm before they head home.

Great job by our athletes at Chaska this past Thursday. It was fun to finally get a meet in and the kids competed hard and looked to be having a good time as well.

Enjoy the rest of the day,

Chris Cohen
Physical Education Teacher
Head Boys Track Coach
Minnetonka High School
2012 Conference, Section and True Team State Champs


Joe Lane Invitational
Schedule and Meet Participants


3:45            Boys Long Jump                         KeAndre-DeAndre-Dille (JV – Samuelson/Afflitto/Shepherd)

            Boys Triple Jump                        DeAndre-Shultz-Buresh (JV – Watt/Dille/MMontague)

5:30            Boys High Jump                        Watt-Gregerson- Shepherd (JV – Samuelson/Ho/MMontague)                                               

3:45            Boys Shot Put                                    Bixler-Walters-Bush            (JV – Bixler/Johnson/Seeland)                                   

5:00            Boys Discus                                    Seeland-Johnson-JBixler (JV – Bush/Cerny/SBixler)                                   

3:45            Girls and Boys Pole Vault             Weaver-Quarberg- Liedtke (JV – Kerber/Kvidera/Lehman)                       


4:00            4 x 800 Meter Relay Girls            1 section            (JV – Bishop/Nagu/Rolseth/CSmith)           
4:10            4 x 800 Meter Relay Boys             Bader-Nelson-Snyder-Kvidera                                                           

4:25            100 Meter High Hurdles Girls            3 seeded heats
4:30            110 Meter High Hurdles Boys            Felknor-Gregerson-Watt            (JV – Shultz/Witt/Hugo)                                                                                   

4:35            100 Meter Dash Girls                        3 seeded heats
4:40            100 Meter Dash Boys                        Schumann-Schumann - Witherspoon             (JV – Shepherd/Barnes/Bunday)                                               

4:45            4 x 200 Meter Relay Girls            1 section            (JV – Charpentier/Bartlett/JuBader/Olson)
4:55            4 x 200 Meter Relay Boys            Montague -Afflitto-Dille-Wilkerson )

5:05            1600 Meter Run Girls                        2 sections
5:20            1600 Meter Run Boys                        Halbmeier –Kiffmeyer-Thiss            (JV- Firehammer/Touhey/Rose)                                   

5:35             4 x 100 Meter Relay Girls            1 section            (JV – Dille/JMontague/Witherspoon/Wilkerson)
5:40             4 x 100 Meter Relay Boys            KeAndre-Afflitto-Schumann-DeAndre                                                

5:50            400 Meter Dash Girls                        3 seeded heats
6:00            400 Meter Dash Boys                        Celichowski-Flesche-Buresh (JV – Bunday/Amundson/Orlowsky)                                   

6:10            300 Meter Low Hurdles Girls            3 seeded heats
6:20            300 Meter Int. Hurdles Boys            Hugo-Felknor-Shultz (JV – Witt/Mueller/Meier)                                   

6:30            800 Meter Run Girls                        2 seeded sections
6:40            800 Meter Run Boys                        Keyho-Helmer-Marks            (JV – Aanderson/Baron/Dejewski)                                   

6:50            200 Meter Dash Girls                        3 seeded heats
6:55            200 Meter Dash Boys                        KeAndre-DeAndre-Schumann (JV – Wilkerson/Jmontague/Mmontague)                                                          

7:05            3200 Meter Run Girls                        1 section
7:20             3200 Meter Run Boys                        Janssen-Kuzara-Friesen (JV – McElhinny/JJohnson/Lindholm)                                               

7:35            4 x 400 Meter Relay Girls            1 section            (JV – Kvidera/Rnelson/Snyder/Helmer)
7:45            4 x 400 Meter Relay Boys            Hugo-JUBader-Shultz-Flesche (Celichowski)                                               


All athletes – report to track at 3pm

If not on the list – come down and watch some of the meet and support the team at our home meet!

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