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Boys Track & Field

Regular Season 2024


If you are a competitive or recreational athlete, you will perform at your best and recover most quickly when you eat a nutritionally adequate diet, drink enough fluids, are physically fit, are properly trained, and get enough sleep.

Rest and Recovery in athletics is just as important as sport specific training, if not more important.  Especially in track & field, we train energy systems and technically demanding events which can have a significant impact on the nervous system if not trained properly.  Young athletes often do not feel the fatigue of overtraining until it is too late.

Rest and recovery is always planned for in our training cycles.

Consult with your coaches before considering any type of additional training, sports/activities, or dietary supplements. 


Below you will find some guides and additional information about maximizing your performance in sport and life.

7 Tips for a Great Pre-Game Meal 

  1. Don’t Experiment
    Don’t try new foods on a game day, it might cause unexpected problems.
  2. Avoid Soft Drinks and Candy
    Sugar is your enemy, empty calories that don’t provide long term fuel source.
  3. High Carbohydrates
    Never can go wrong with breads, pasta, rice…pure long lasting energy source.
  4. Timing
    Takes about 3 hours to empty the stomach of quality food.
  5. Fluids
    Plenty of water and sports drinks…stay away from carbonated sugary soft drinks.
  6. Avoid High Fat Intake
    Fat takes longer to digest and lots of water to process.
  7. Limit Protein Intake
    Protein is a weak energy source, great for building tissue but limit the amount immediately prior to competition. Protein is great for recovery after competitions or workouts.