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Girls Cross Country

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Cross Country Summer Running

Summer running is extremely important if you want to have a successful and injury-free cross country season!  If you put in the work over the summer, you will enter the cross country season with a solid training foundation.  Plus if you run 200 miles, you will be rewarded with an awesome t-shirt to commemorate your accomplishment.

GOAL #1:  You must run  a minimum of 150 (freshman) 175 (sophomores) 200 (juniors and seniors) miles between June 1, 2023 and August 13, 2023 to attend cross country camp.  THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO ATTEND CROSS COUNTRY CAMP. 

GOAL #2:  You must run a minimum of 200 miles between June 1, 2023 and August 13, 2023 to earn a summer miles T-shirt.

1.     Record your miles on the daily log.
2.     Add up the total number of miles you ran.
3.     Have a parent or guardian sign the log.
4.     Turn the log in to your coach the first week of cross country.

All athletes are expected to complete all of their miles by running.  In the unfortunate chance of an injury, a doctor’s note will be required and you will be permitted to bike as an alternative form of running.  (3 miles of biking = 1 mile of running and you must maintain a minimum heart rate of 140 beats per minute.)

Captain’s Practices are Monday through Friday at 8:00am beginning the first Monday after school gets out (June 12).  Meet at the top of the hill above the track near the Pagel Center.

Good luck and remember—some runners succeed because they are destined to, but most runners succeed because they are determined to!  Work hard—you have 11 weeks to train which works out to approximately 11 miles per week to go to camp and approximately 18 miles per week to earn a T-shirt.

Practices for our regular season begin on August 14. You must be at practice for a minimum of 3 days in this first week of practices in order to attend camp.