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Girls Cross Country

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2022 Cross Country Lettering Requirements

The coaching staff will determine if the athlete’s attitude is acceptable based on the following:

  • Does the athlete consistently accept assigned workouts with enthusiasm?
  • Does the athlete consistently work up to her ability at practice and at meets?
  • Does the athlete serve as a good role model and display good sportsmanship?
  • Does the athlete take care of equipment, uniform, and locker room?
  • Does the athlete show interest in the performance of self and teammates?
  • Does the athlete properly prepare for her competition?
  • Does the athlete advocate for the sport?
  • Does the athlete refrain from cell phone use during practices and meets?

Attendance is crucial to an athlete’s success; consistently missing practice will hinder an athlete’s performance. Therefore, in the interest of the team as a whole we have a strict attendance policy in place.

  • The athlete must arrive on time to practices and participate in practice for a minimum of 1.5 hours.
  • The athlete must be on time to meets.
  • The athlete will schedule work commitments around their CC meet and practices schedule.
  • The athlete may be removed from the team if she has more than 5 absences.
  • The athlete may be removed from the team if she misses 2 meets.
  • The athlete will confirm all absences from practices/meets with coaches, in advance, when possible.
  • The athlete is committed to attending practices/meets and works hard while there.
  • The athlete is not allowed to attend practice if they are ill or experiencing symptoms as this is in their best interest as well as that of the team.
  • Athlete must COMPLETE the season as a productive member of the team.

Any athlete who has committed a chemical violation during the academic year will forfeit all team awards, lettering, team poster and captainship for the academic year in which the violation occurred. This includes summers, as stated in the contract with MHS and MSHSL.

Provided that attitude, attendance, & participation are satisfactory, a letter will be awarded to each individual who achieves:

  • The athlete ran on Varsity at the Conference Championship Meet.
  • The athlete has run in and fully completed a minimum of 3 meets during the season.
  • The athlete places in the top 25 at the Grade Level Meet.
  • The athlete ran the time standard of 22:00 on a sanctioned 5K course.
  • The athlete is 3rd year participant of the Cross Country team.
  • The athlete is a senior who does not qualify in any other category and has participated on the team for 2 years.

The head coach and assistant coaches will make the final decisions regarding lettering.