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About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Minnetonka Track & Field and Cross Country Association (MTFCCA) is to partner with the Minnetonka School District and Minnetonka Community Education to promote all running sports and activities throughout the district and greater Minnetonka community.  We accomplish our mission by promoting our Boys and Girls Track and Field and Cross Country programs in a variety of ways, and we raise funds for these programs throughout the year.  The annual Thanksgiving Day Tonka Turkey Trot 5K is our marquee fundraising event.  We believe that the proven lifelong benefits of running sports and activities form a vital aspect of physical and mental health and wellness for community members of all ages and abilities.

Minnetonka Track & Field and Cross Country Association (MTFCCA) board usually meets in July at the Minnetonka High School to review financial information, discuss goals and elect board members for the upcoming year.  


•We will team with the Minnetonka School District and Minnetonka Community Education to help deliver programs and resources in alignment with their strategic plan and consistent with their commitment to excellence.

•We will advocate for and support running sports and activities by:

•Creative fundraising

•Developing parents and volunteers essential for the success of the programs

•Assisting in ensuring safe healthy running facilities

•Providing liaison with the community

•Providing publicity and communication to the community at large

•Supporting education for coaches and athletes

•We envision Minnetonka running sports and activities being nationally-recognized programs


What We Do and Have Accomplished

Past Activities

  • MTFCCA was originally formed to raise money for our signature “Blue” track at the high school
  • Make annual contributions to the cost of equipment, facility improvements and other expenses, including:
  • Pay for additional Track & Field and Cross Country coaches as needed
  • Pay for annual cross country camp expenses
  • New finish line display clock
  • Assist with all team fundraising activities
  • Provide funding for team banquets
  • Funded new Track & Field and Cross Country Website
  • Founded and organize the annual Thanksgiving Day “Tonka Turkey Trot 5K”
  • Support the ongoing administrative needs of Track & Field and Cross Country teams and coaches throughout the district


Future Projects

  • Track resurfacing
  • Middle school equipment upgrades
  • Field event audio systems