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Girls Track & Field

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Track and Field Lettering Requirements


The coaching staff will determine if the athlete’s attitude is acceptable based on the following:

  • Does the athlete accept assigned workouts with enthusiasm?
  • Does the athlete consistently work up to their ability in practices and meets?
  • Does the athlete serve as a good role model and display good sportsmanship?
  • Does the athlete take care of equipment, uniform, and locker room?
  • Does the athlete show interest in the performances of self and teammates?
  • Does the athlete properly prepare for competition?
  • Does the athlete respect the coaching staff and the decisions they make?
  • Does the athlete advocate for the sport?



  • Athlete must arrive on time to practices and meets.  Practice times are 3:00-5:15.
  • Athlete will not come to practice when ill.
  • Athlete will schedule work commitments around practices and meets.
  • Athlete is expected to complete entire practice workout if leaving early.
  • Athlete is expected to remain for the entire meet unless cleared in advance.
  • Athlete will clear all absences from practices/meets with coaches in advance if possible.
  • Athlete is committed to attending practices/meets and to working hard while there.
  • Athlete must complete the season as a productive member of the team.
  • A senior who has completed 2 seasons, has shown effort and commitment but does not qualify in any other way.
  • An athlete who has shown commitment and effort as a member for 3 years.


In addition, athletes can earn a letter by achieving the following performance standards in a meet providing all other criteria are met.  Times are FAT timed or handheld with rounding up and adding a .24, per Federation rules.


100 Meters                 13.90

200 Meters                 28.50

400 Meters                 63.50

800 Meters                 2:30.0

1600 Meters               6:00.0

3200 Meters               13:00.0

100 Hurdles                 17.5

300 Hurdles                 52.5

Long Jump                   15’4”                                      

Triple Jump                 31’6”                                      

High Jump                   4’8”                                        

Pole Vault                     8’0”

Shot Put                        30’0”

Discus                            90’0”


An Athlete who does not achieve the performance standard but finishes the season as Number 1 or 2 in their event, will earn a letter if attendance and attitude are acceptable.

Head and assistant coaches make final decisions.