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Tonya Andruskiewicz

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Sarah Becher

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Jenna Buss

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Kim Hoehne

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Kristine Jensen Gehrmann

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Tandy Juell

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Krista Larson

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LeeAnn LeBlanc

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Christine (Kiki) Myers

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Jane Reimer-Morgan

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Josh Wagner

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Tandy Juell Pole Vault

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Contact Information

Cell: (507) 640-0759




  • Bachelors of Science degree: Exercise Science
  • Minor: Sports Medicine
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
  • Reflexive Performance Reset Certified


  • Sports Performance
  • Functional Training
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Body Building
  • Metabolics
  • Weight Loss


I have been involved in many different types of sports and fitness my whole life and have been competing at the national level since grade school. In 4th grade I discovered my drive and resilience when I competed at the AAU National Wrestling tournament and placed 3rd in both Freestyle, and Greco Roman. Competing on a national scale very early in life sparked my drive towards athletics and fitness to the point where I started creating my own workout program at age 11, and competed in my first weight lifting competition when I was 12. I understood at a young age that working out and trying a plethora of sports would help me further develop fitness and motor skills, which correlates to being a great athlete, and increasing overall health. A couple years later I competed in the AAU national basketball tournament in Florida, where my team placed 9th in the nation.  

My national dreams continued into college when I joined the MSU, Mankato Track and Field Team as a Heptathlete and Decathlete. Having such a wide variety of skills the Heptathlon/Decathlon fit me very well. Throughout my 4-year career, I accumulated:

  • Conference Field Athlete of the Year (highest scoring field event Athlete) in 2013 consisting of 16 collegiate teams.
  • 2 All-American Awards in the Heptathlon (2012,2013)
  • 2 All-American Awards in the Decathlon  (2011,2012)

When I graduated from MSU, Mankato with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and a sports medicine minor with an emphasis in physical therapy, I was hired on as an assistant Track coach at MSU, Mankato because I able to understand the physical and cognitive demand it took to compete at the highest level. I coached the runner up national champion in the heptathlon in his first year, along with an All-American pole vaulter on the women’s team.

After a couple years I started getting into the workout craze known as crossfit. Having a competitive personality built into my biology, I started participating in crossfit competitions, which greatly resemble the set up of a Decathlon. Soon after I found my love for the high intensity and Olympic lifting, my brother in-law and I opened New Ulm Crossfit in southern MN February of 2014, where I was an assistant manager and Co-Owner. After the success of New Ulm Crossfit, I got a call from an investor to become a co-owner and head manager of an up and coming crossfit gym, and accepted the position. The gym opened in August of 2015 and became successful once again. Always looking for something new and exciting in the fitness industry, I moved on and obtained a training job at a well-established fitness facility to further and broaden my knowledge of health and wellness.

I have had many experiences working in 8 different fitness facilities in my career, and I keep a very open mind when it come to health and performance. I have seen success work in many ways, and I love to help individuals find success within their journey called life.

In my group classes, I incorporate the most positive aspects I’ve accumulated from each of my previous health experiences, in order to provide members with top of the line, science based programming that will be revolutionary in the lives of many people. I run my classes with the same intent I live life, respect and encourage others, get to know people personally and understand their “why”, and always enjoy what you do in the present.


“Life Is Awesome, Be Fit For It”

                -Tandy Juell