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Boys Cross Country

Regular Season 2017


The 2020 Season officially begins Monday, August 17th!!  Practices will be Mon-Sat at 7:30-9:30AM from the MHS track area-9th grade baseball field on the other side of the tennis courts.  Practice time will shift to 4:00-6:00PM on Monday, August 31st for the rest of the season on weekdays.  Practices on Saturdays will continue to be at 7:30AM.

An important note, that students have to be officially registered and cleared by the MHS activities office before they will be allowed to practice.  Sign up online through the district website under the high school and athletics.  Social distancing protocols will be followed during our practices and meets.  Masks will be worn by students at practice when not exercising.  The team will break into smaller groups of up to 25 runners - 6 feet apart, where they will stay in those assigned groups in practice.  More information coming soon!  Any further questions to Coach Jeff Renlund at

Next Meet (for everyone) - Friday, September 25th - 2:30PM  (Arrive at 1:00PM) - Buffalo Dual - St. Michael Lower Rec Center - Wave 1 - 2:30PM (Brandt, Chalmers, Fausto, Downin, Freed, Gilles, Hunter, Koehnen, Siegel, Thomas, A. Vos, Westerlund, Wave 2 - 2:32PM (Arevalo, Wilkey, Carlson, Cassidy, Duboulay, Fortner, Kusar, Martin, McMillan, Sorenson, Stefanowicz, Switz, Wave 3 - 2:34PM (Callinan, S. Barry, Hari, Fair, Fellner, A.J., P. Barry, Leighton, Michaelsson, Mohn, Olsen, Siegwart), Wave 4 - 3:02PM (Soderlund, Banken, Best, Bilderbeek, Birhanzel, Tirfe, Edwards, Nichols, Pederson, Rooke, Schubbe, Starnes, Wave 5 - 3:04PM (Conlin, Farnan, Frink, Geertsen, Harold, Jones, Song, T. Vos, Walker, Honey, Brandel)

Address - St. Michael Lower Rec Center 3150 Lander Ave NE, St. Michael  - Minnetonka Boys will be setting up at team camp #2 (check course map)

Course Map -

FYI - 2 spectators per runner will be allowed at our meets now.  Guidelines to follow...spectators need to wear their masks while at the meet, must stay at least 100 feet from team camp and starting/finishing areas, and spread out staying at least 6 feet apart.

Meet Transportation

We have decided not to use the buses to get to our meets this season.  Students will be getting there on your own.  Students cannot give rides to other students unless it is all right with both parent/guardians to do so.  Parent/guardians are solely responsible for their son's transportation to our meets.  If your son is not able to get a ride to a meet, then have them communicate that to me, and I can connect a possible driver for them.

Thank you Coach Steve Hoag for all you have given to us over the years!  You have been such a genuine and caring person to have been around.  We have been so fortunate to have known you, and you will be so missed!!